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407 N Person ST, Raleigh NC
Tues - ThuRs 9AM- 5PM
Hello Beautiful Medspa - Raleigh, NC - Jennifer Kempton
Hello Beautiful - Boutique Medspa - Raleigh, NC - Jennifer Kempton
Hello Beautiful - Boutique Medspa - Raleigh, NC - Jennifer Kempton
Hello Beautiful - Boutique Medspa - Raleigh, NC - Jennifer Kempton
Hello Beautiful - Boutique Medspa - Raleigh, NC - Jennifer Kempton
Mon - Thu 9-5
Giving you aesthetic confidence since 2014

Cosmetic injectibles & anti-aging treatments in the heart of Raleigh

We are here to give you aesthetic confidence while keeping things simple! We offer a wide array of non-surgical treatments that help smooth wrinkles, replace facial volume, and tighten skin.

Giving you aesthetic confidence since 2014

Find your perfect match

Here at Hello Beautiful, we want to make your anti-aging treatment plan simple to understand and easy to follow. We only use tried and true products and treatments to deliver you consistent exceptional results. If you would like a comprehensive treatment plan tailored for you that will carry you on for a year or more, please ask Jennifer at your appointment so you can create one together for your budget and goals.

Hello Beautiful - Boutique Medspa - Find your perfect match

Full Facial Balancing

Harmonize features & balance the upper, mid, and lower thirds of the face


Dermal Filler

Add volume, definition, & contour to cheeks, chin, lips, jawline, & temples + fill in deep lines & tighten the skin


Botox and Dysport

Smooth fine lines & wrinkles + alter the height of facial features, reduce TMJ + more


Aqua Gold Glass Facial

Brighten and tighten skin instantly for that special event


Collagen Facial - Microneedling

Tighten skin, brighten dark spots, smooth wrinkles, improve scars, and shrink pores


PDO Thread Lift

Reposition the facial fat layers in an upward direction for an instant lift


PDO Smooth Threads

Tiny collagen threads will tighten the skin, and smooth wrinkles. Perfect for stubborn lines around the eyes and mouth


Chemical Peels

The “No Downtime” peel! Addresses a wide range of skin conditions while promoting the production of collagen and elastin.


Hair Restoration

Restore hair loss from Covid, aging, and more. We use special serum injections to produce new growth


B12, D3, Glutathione

Vitamin injections give you the energy you're missing along with amazing health benefits


Kybella - Fat Dissolving

Kill fat cells permanently with Deoxycholic acid injections. Deoxycholic acid is naturally found in the stomach


Medically Guided Weight Loss With Semaglutide 

The balancing effects of Semaglutide provide you with a medically guided weight loss protocol


Brazilian Butt Lift

A non-surgical augmentation or enhancement with fillers, designed to enhance the shape and size of the buttocks without the need for surgery.


ZO® Skin Health

Medical grade skin care is a must and ZO is one of the leading medical grade skincare lines on the market. You will see a difference in as little as two weeks


What our clients have to say

Jen is the best! She gives me natural looking results and truly cares about her patients. I always appreciate her advice and wisdom she provides every time I see her.

Megan F.

Jennifer is hands down the best!! I ave been goign to her for at least 5 years now. Simply put, there is no one better! She is an artist with a needle and she has a gentle touch so no worries there. I am so glad she has gone into business for herself. Its truly a treat to go see her.

Cristina M.

Jen is the very best!  She makes sure your face is balanced with the right amount of product. She is highly skilled and has truly made my aging skin so beautiful. I would'nt trust anyone else.
Dana B.

It was wonderful. I visited Jennifer for stem cell injections for hairloss. The visit was pleasant and professional. Jennifer showed compassion and was patient with all of the questions I had. I was very comfortable with the whole experience that I had.

Nance B.

Jen is extremely talented! I am very particular and selective. She is passionate about making people look and feel their best! She isn't just an injector, she is and artist with an eye for beauty and balance. She also gives you great advice and gives you honest feedback on your needs. She will not oversell or over inject. I dont trust anyone else!

Rebbeca S.

Only go see Jen if you like compliments! I've seen her for years for all my preventative treatment and trust her completely. She has always listened to all my concerns and we've worked together to create the perfect treatment plan. Plus, she's so gentle you'll barely feel a thing! Book that appointment - you won't regret it.

Casey W.

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